2016 Roundup + 2017 Goals

If there’s one thing this year taught me, it’s you shouldn’t sleep through New Year celebrations.  I sulked in my room, embittered about how the world celebrates when I was miserable over the Lang Leav love I could never have.  2016 started sad and it had been challenging since.  Maybe believing how you start the year defines how the next twelve months go is a form of superstition, but I’m determined to leave all the bad vibes of 2016 behind and start 2017 in an exciting, happy, and positive note.

So here’s my 2016 roundup:

  • My presidential candidate didn’t win.  (-)
  • My vice presidential bet did win. (+)
  • Had my article published on Inquirer’s Youngblood.  Dream come true! (++)
  • Found out Possible One True Love had a girlfriend all along and his girlfriend was pregnant. (-)
  • Finished an original song for POTL. (+)
  • Sir Danny died. (-)
  • Celebrated Inoo’s 7th birthday! (+++)
  • Ate Tin came home from Jeddah. (++)
  • Got duped by Church Boy. (–)
  • Finished another original song. This time, for CB. (+)
  • Made lots of poems. (+)
  • Ferdinand Marcos was buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani. (———- to infinity and beyond)
  • Spent Christmas with my family in Cebu. (++)

And here are the goals for 2017:

  1. Complete reverse 52-week money challenge.
  2. Visit 10 museums.
  3. Visit 10 churches.
  4. Go on a solo non-business trip.
  5. Join a vegan cooking class.
  6. Organize a charity event.
  7. 52 blog entries.
  8. Have braces.
  9. Pay off credit card debt.
  10. Join a contest.
  11. Get published.
  12. Read 12 books.
  13. Go cruelty-free on at least one non-food area.
  14. Perfect a vegan and gluten-free cake recipe.
  15. Get passport.
  16. Achieve bikini body and wear a two-piece at the beach.
  17. Eat at a vegan restaurant and do a comprehensive review on blog.

Good luck to me and a have a blessed 2017 ahead, everybody!


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