Restaurant: Mudpie Heaven

For four years we had dinner together.  For four years we talked and laughed about the same things: our crushes, our favorite professors, our crushes.  Then UP was kind to us and we had to say goodbye.

Flash forward to February 4, 2017.  We finally saw each other again after five years – Babes, Camille, Shyne and I.  Aica, being Aica, was missing in action.  Still, we had a blast at Circuit Makati over Chinese food and scrumptious mudpie!

(True friends will look for restaurants that serve vegan food for the weird probinsiyana.)

After a big lunch of rice and stir-fried spinach, I was determined not to have dessert but had an instant change of heart upon seeing the sole vegan offering on the menu.  I had to ‘coz maybe they’d add more vegan options in the future.

Beautiful dark chocolate over dark chocolate over dark chocolate mudpie.  This is mudpie heaven indeed.  With fresh edible snapdragon.  Did I forget to mention I am obsessed with chocolate?

Needless to say, I loved it.  A lot.

They also sell local products like chili and coconut oil.  And I have to mention I super love these:

Thanks, Mudpie Heaven!


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