Holy Week 2017: Kumpisalang Bayan

Am I weird? Because confession, reconciliation rather, excites me more than anything. I guess it began two years ago upon reading about St. Therese of Liseaux and how joyful she was at every opportunity for the sacrament of reconciliation that she had prepared for it and talked to the priest as if he was Jesus and I thought I wanted to do it just like her. Sometimes I wish there were more schedules for confession – because I’m shy to ask the priests after mass – so I don’t have to wait for first Friday’s Holy Hour.

So is it still surprising that Holy Tuesday is my favorite day in Holy Week here at the Cathedral of St. Joseph the Worker Parish? Every year on Holy Tuesday, priests from all over the Diocese of San Jose City, Nueva Ecija gather at the Cathedral to give the sacrament of reconciliation to the parishioners.

Yesterday indeed was full of grace. Everytime I come from confession I always feel lighter and happier. I hope more people go to confession. There really is nothing to be scared of at confession. After all, it is the time we know of God’s never ending and unconditional love for us sinners.


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