About Me

Hello.  I’m Patti Castillo, 29, from the most-of-the-time-awesome-but-right-now-totally-crazy Philippines.  I’m a renewed Catholic, a reader at Mass, and a Neocatechumen.  I’ve been a vegetarian since 2012 and has just committed to veganism in December 2016, begun by my undying love to my handsome aspin Inoo (August 22, 2009 to April 29, 2017).  I’m a librarian by profession – and that doesn’t automatically make me a bookworm, for your information, but I do love reading print, especially on the self-development category.  As for my political inclinations, I’m a closet anarchist (although I do have leftist tendencies).  I consider myself a feminist in love with my God-given man.  His name is Francis and he is the most loving, appreciative, motivating, and passionate as well as the craziest man I know.  He introduced me to the amazing world of one-pot cooking.  Yum.  I’m also a frustrated author, frustrated yogi, and frustrated home cook.

I love to bake and cook, binge eat, and then workout.  Right now, I’m starting on #pilates (but I have tight hamstrings so I think all those Youtube workouts aren’t working).  I’m trying my best though.  I actually want to get a gym membership soon… when I finally manage to fit it into my 8 to 5 workday, church service, house chores, and of course, eight-hour sleep.  I also love mountains and forests and greens.  My favorite flowers are orange daisies, followed by sunflowers, and I love butterflies.

In a nutshell, Being Patti is a personal blog about this not-so-young woman who hopes and works to evolve into the best version of herself.  Here, I will be sharing about the things I am passionate about and what I do to achieve my goals and aspirations.  They aren’t huge goals though, I don’t really consider myself ambitious; in my opinion my needs and wants are very simple.  What is most important for me right now is improving myself holistically and this is what my blog is about.


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